E&S Policy

Forebright is committed to partnering with business leaders, providing value added services, and driving long term growth hence returns for investors through discipline and rigorous processes, and in an ethical and sustainable manner. 

The purpose of implementing this policy is to integrate corporate Environmental and Social responsibility into our business. We endeavour to balance environmental considerations and social responsibilities with our long term business goals. We believe this approach can benefit our employees, investors, business partners, and the communities involved, if we follow this policy proactively and make improvements continuously.

It is therefore, Forebright's policy to:

Adopt E&S principles to guide its employees and the operation of the Funds.

Consider E&S risks in the potential investment reviewing and decision-making processes.

Use qualified staff or consultants to carry out the review, assessment, management and monitoring of the Fund's investments in compliance with the E&SMS.

Not finance any of the activities on the Exclusion List. 

Ensure all Investees in which Forebright invests should comply with all applicable E&S laws and regulations of the host Country (ies) in which the Investees are located and operated, and are operated in a manner consistent with the E&SMS and IFC Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability.

Ensure that the terms and conditions of the Fund's financing are in conformance with the E&SMS and incorporated into all agreements with investees as far as practicable.

Monitor and review the implementation of the E&SMS on a regular basis so that the Fund's General Partner may assure compliance of the Fund's operation with the E&S Policy.

Roles and Responsibilities:

The senior management of Forebright will assume responsibilities in this important initiative. Forebright's designated managing partner will assume the role of E&S Officer and will ensure that the Firm's operations are in conformance with the E&SMS policy. The Head of Risk Management will assume the role of E&S Coordinator and will be responsible for the implementation of E&S Policy in daily business. Forebright's employees, consultants and contractors will comply with all applicable regulations of the People's Republic of China as well as the IFC Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability and applicable World Bank Group Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Guidelines.

This Policy will be externally communicated by presenting a part or the whole of it, as deemed appropriate by Forebright, in Fund documents and/or reports, and verbally communicating it to various stakeholders. The Policy shall be known and understood at all levels of Forebright. It is vital that Forebright's employees are conscious of the importance of their responsibility for implementing the Policy, and promptly report all E&S incidents of a material nature in its investment portfolio to the Fund's senior management. We thank you for your contributions in our sustainable success.


Endorsed by the Forebright's management