• Long-term
  • Diversified
  • International

Investors Overview

Forebright has benefited from its worldwide renowned investors from the long-term and steady fund, which in turn contributes to a more stable and higher returns for Forebright's investors. The company values its relations with investors and is dedicated to search for new investment partners while deepening existing coorperation. To best serve the common interests of its investors, Forebright hold regular meetings and achieve information-sharing with existing and potential investors throughout the management process of the funds.

Forebright maintains good relations with over 30 institutional investors globally from Europe, North America, Asia to China's large institutions including funds, insurance companies, families and conglomerates.

Our Investor Relations team will provide accurate and in-time service to investors through AGM, Advisory Board Meeting, company due diligence, conference call, private meetings with partners, quarter and annual investment reports as well as other daily communication throughout the operation time of the funds.